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GDP Remedial deliver innovative remedial solutions across a range of different disciplines


Concrete Repairs

Atmospheric and environmental conditions impact concrete structures overtime. This can cause corrosion of the reinforcement and spalling of the concrete. GDP Remedial have a range of solutions to remediate such issues.

Sealing & Caulking

Sealants provide a barrier to water egress and also often provide structural integrity to the facade itself. Over time the sealants diminish and require reinstatement. GDP Remedial can provide experienced in house staff to assess and remediate utilising a range of access methods including Building Maintenance Units (BMUs), swing stage, Elevating Work Platforms (EWPs) and abseil.

Asbestos Removal

GDP have over a dozen Class A Asbestos removalists directly employed, who are experienced in removal of asbestos from facade’s and other locations via BMU swing stageand EWP.

Water Proofing

Waterproofing systems are the main barrier preventing water egress through roofs, walls and exposed balconies. Once the water has accessed the building, it is very difficult to manage it and prevent damage. GDP can scope, install and underwrite an array of different membrane solutions utilising the industries best manufacturers.

Epoxy Floor Finishes

Epoxy floor finishes provide extremely durable solutions for carparks, loading docks, plant rooms, warehouses and high traffic areas. GDP Remedial can prepare your concrete and provide a range of water based and solvent based epoxy solutions.

Window Replacements

Glazing systems fail for a variety of reasons overtime. GDP Remedial are experienced at sourcing & installing high access replacement glazing panels with a combination of mobile cranes, abseilers, roof cranes, elevating work platforms and building maintenance units.

Facade Audits

Regular inspection and early intervention can be far less costly than a lack of action. Similarly, detaching facade elements can cause significant risks to members of the public and building owners. GDP have the staff and experience to complete non-destructive facade audits cost effectively. We can also partner with facade engineers to provide higher level advice where failures are identified.

Urgent Make safes

Extreme weather or failing structures can throw up situations whereby an urgent deployment of resources is required. GDP Remedial can respond to such emergencies with experienced staff to ensure that facade elements do not further detach or any damage that has occurred can be temporarily fixed.


Coating systems can be crucial to ensuring the longevity of exposed building elements. Given our capabilities at accessing facades, GDP Remedial are the perfect choice to provide all your painting requirements, including anti carbonation coatings.


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Managing Director
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Construction Manager
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Project Co-ordinator
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Manager (QLD)

41-47 Racecourse Road
North Melbourne Victoria 3051
Phone — 03 9329 8300
Email — [email protected]


2/12 Chaplin Drive
Lane Cove NSW 2066
Phone — 02 9997 1999
Email — [email protected]


3/30 Morley Street
Coorparoo Brisbane QLD 4151
Phone — 1300 841 848
Email — [email protected]

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